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be news 4 at 6:00 but we will be back here with the latest news, . the first tee in the early morning at a ryder cup. nothing like it anywhere in sports and these folks have been here for hours in the dark awaiting the start of the morning foursomes.
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they'll get the see the final match of the four go off in just a few minutes as we are set for another drama filled day at medinah. all day here on nbc at the 39th ryder cup. after one of the most
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memorable and raw kus first days, what is in store on this day just outside of chicago on another cool, crisp start. 48 degrees. 40,000 plus seen on the grounds here at medinah as the u.s. has a 5-3 lead after the first three days. they were tied 2-2 after yesterday's morning foursomes, but the americans getting the better of europe yesterday afternoon. let's get you update on the matches that started just about 40 minutes again. a beautiful shot from the bunker. by justin rose after his partner, ian poulter, put it there. rose sets poulter up for a birdie at the very first hole and poulter, who just seems to be wired for this type of
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competition, first putt of the day is in for a birdie and poulter and rose quickly take the 1-up lead. and then the second shot at the par 4 3rd. this was webb simpson. again teaming up with bubba watson from 86 yards out. stiffs it. that produces a run for the united states as watson and simpson have squared it up. bradley and mickelson who went yesterday against lee westwood and luke donald. this was phil mickelson at the opening hole, par 4 433 yard hole. mickelson stiffs it. that set up a u.s. win there at the first, but a birdie to have it. could have had it as donald had a chance at it as westwood hit a nice approach there, but it was
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a 1-up lead for bradley and mickelson, then bradley and westwood, 381 yards, the water. and keegan bradley, phil mickelson won the first two holes over donald and westwood to grab the 2-up lead. match three, jason dufner and zach johnson. co then the fourth and final match set to go off in just a few moments. jim furyk and brandt snedeker. this was the match from yesterday, the number one player in the world, rory mcilroy and graeme mcdowell. gary? >> gary: keegan bradley has a chance for a birdie to win the
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hole and he and mickelson a 3-up lead a three. good effort, but the hole will be halved with pars. they will remain 2-up. we'll go to the first tee. >> your attention please. this is match number four, a foursome between the team represented by rory mcilroy. and graeme mcdowell. against the united states of america team represented by jim furyk and brandt snedeker. first on the tee representing europe, graeme mcdowell.
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>> dan: graeme mcdowell and rory mcilroy got up to a 3-up lead before the americans battled back, but in the end, it was mcilroy and mcdowell who grabbed the point with a 1-up victory. they lost yesterday afternoon, but this is one of the formidable duos for olazabal. >> gary: this is pulled just a little bit trying to cut back, but item not sure it will. >> on the e tee, representing the united states of america, jim furyk. >> dan: after the loss in the morning, jim furyk now in his eighth ryder cup, took the afternoon off and so saw his overall team record in these ryder cups plumet even further.
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4, 14 in 3 but a chance to get one back here with snedeker in the foursomes. >> gary: this one starts up the right hand side. needed to kick a little left. >> dan: and furyk will set brandt snedeker up in his approach from just inside that first cut. so, both captains pick snedeker and furyk off in the final match and this is a birdie to win the hole over at the 4th for justin rose and ian poulter. americans already in with par and that should be a par. indeed it is. the hole is halved and they remain all squared. back to the second.
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>> peter: zach johnson. europeans have hit. on the green about 20 feet away and this was a beauty. zach johnson to about four feet. off squared his match with his partner, jason dufner. a pairing they talked about earlier in the spring and they won yesterday. they're going to be tough. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways.
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let's send it down to jimmy roberts. >> thanks very much, here with davis love. a good night for the american team. what did you tell your team last night? >> didn't tell them much. great job and let's go do it again tomorrow. they're getting more and more sold on this concept that we're just going to keep letting guys take turns and play and go out and get them. they're relaxed. phil, tiger, jim, steve, all the veteran guys have been great leaders and they're doing great. they're having fun and you know, we just didn't get off to a good start yesterday in the morning, but in the afternoon we did. >> let's talk about tiger for a moment. for the first time in his ryder cup career, he's sitting. i told them, somebody's got to be the first guy to sit you down. we're all tired. i have a feel iing we need to a be rested. i said i honestly think you
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played great in the afternoon in best ball format. i think you're going to play great in the best ball again in the afternoon and if you're rested, you're going to be ready for me on sunday. we're going to need him this afternoon and in the singles, obviously. we don't know who's going to play together, but we know that tiger woods is going to have to play four matches for us. >> thanks very much. dan, back to you. >> thank you, jimmy. lo love, 27th rider captain. little comparison from the man from the united states, pretty similar, but olazabal's record, teamed up with a great and late ballesteros. here is steve. >> dan, thank you. your team down 5-3. what was the message you sent to the team today? >> well, that they have to put a little bit more intensity on those matches. they have to come out of the box prepared for the match. i think that was the difference yesterday afternoon.
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i think the u.s. team was ready for it. they started making birdies straight away and we didn't. >> are you comfortable with the the pairings and who they're facing this morning? >> i'm comfortable with my pairings. i think they are the strongest men on my team, but i know that when you look at the way they played yesterday, bubba and webb, i know those matches are going to be tough. >> what did you think of the atmosphere? >> i think you see something here you don't see every day. with poulter and bubba, that was amazing. both guys hit the ball when everyone was cheering and well, they might be starting a trend. >> good luck today. dan, to you at the the 1st. >> we're going to show you that scene in just a bit. >> that was amazing. >> second shot. mcilroy from the bunker where mcdowell put him out. >> really a clean line. nice, form sand.
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he seems to like it. >> yep. for good reasons. super shot. could drop it in much better than that. now, snedeker from the edge of the fairway. >> on a down slope. got to be careful of that right front bunker. yeah. two great shots. >> snedeker at his first ryder cup. hits the inside of the european team. up to 2. >> jason dufner now trying to convert zach johnson's great approach for birdie and the ryder cup rookie delivers. >> the united states goes 1-up through two. >> jason dufner's looking pretty good. 1-0.
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back out to the action at the first where we have a couple of birdie putts by both teams. europe is away and mark rolfing is on the scene. >> thank you very much, dan. what a beautiful morning out here. a couple of really nice second shots. graeme mcdowell going to putt first. >> not much breaking. >> no, there isn't, johnny and there's still a little moisture in the grass, so it's not overly quick. >> first hole is such an important hole in this match play format. of course, all week, but who wins that first hole sometimes sets the theme for who's
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dominant and who isn't. >> and jim furyk is inside here with an youp upcoming birdie attempt. and so the u.s. is going to have a chance to grab a quick win. before we get to that, we move up to the par 5 5th and webb simpson going for it into europe has laid up, so a chance for the americans to gain an advantage here. >> at 536, a super shot. right on target today. if he will handle his pressure like he did at the u.s. open. >> really impressive yesterday in the afternoon four balls. 5-4 winners. jim furyk has a chance to strike first. >> yesterday in the morning match, it was the the same four players. for the first few hole, brandt
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snedeker was hitting all the putts, so now, furyk is going to have his first crack to draw some blood here. >> there's no reason why he shouldn't make this except it's the first hole saturday ryder cup pressure. easy putt. inside left. >> he walks that one in. yesterday, it's mcdowell and mcilroy, today, it is furyk and snedeker who win the opening hole with the birdie. back to the par 5 5th. >> first on the tee representing europe -- >> this was the scene at the first tee earlier. we alluded to it. jose maria olazabal talked about it. yesterday, bubba watson was firing up the crowd so pault ous
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going why not? look at bubba in the back. yeah, i like this. ian poulter is going to hit it through the cheers. >> through the usas. >> so bubba got them going yesterday and after poulter hit, bubba says let's bring it out again for me. he's giving them the green light. go for it. >> in a scene that is are reminiscent of happy gilmore type of atmosphere, then bubba watson goes through the crowd and exchanges some skin with the huge throng that has been out for hours. we go back out to ian poulter and the third for the europeans.
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again, the americans on and two. >> a lot of the players are complaining on these wedge shots that the grass is a little like, t not solid ground and they're hitting a lot of shots a little fat. >> over to the 4th. europe with a long par putt here. >> stand down on it. nice, good speed. good speed! wow. he thought he had it. >> so, luke donald with a par attempt to have it. and getting 3 down that early would have been a tall order, but within touch, but bradley and mickelson doing their thing again. back at the 2nd. >> brandt snedeker now on the tee. >> pretty glassy out there. >> no wind, nothing. >> this was just a moment ago,
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john. >> wow. >> after a beautiful iron shot at 1, he comes right back with a beauty at 2. >> that was look iing in. >> now, mcilroy trying to answer that. and how about that. to about ten feet under the hole. two good chances for birdie. let's join dan and johnny. >> early indications look like johnny, it is not going to be any different. yesterday was one of the best days we had ever seen at a ryder cup. clush putts. all sort of different story lines working here. the biggest so far for the americans has been this wrecking crew of keegan bradley, first timer, and phil mickelson who
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have paef edpaefed paved the wa. >> phil's had trouble in the ryder cup with his record, but keegan, it's so much fun to watch. after 36 holes, are you tired? i want to play another 36 and it's fun to see bubba. those two guys are going to carry the u.s. in the next several ryder cups, those two guys. >> that was what we expected by this set-up at medinah. >> everything about this week has been a ten. city of chicago has got behind it so amazingly well. the course is very fair with a strong, when you get to 12 through 18, it becomes way better and very interesting in match, the drivable 15th par 4. the captains have done a good week. the players have been very cordial to each other, but they're playing hard as can be. everything is just set up for a magnificent ryder cup and so far, it's been that way.
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>> and you see the crowds out here. this is what it looked like on tuesday. it has been absolutely amazing as the americans have two putts two win the hole over at the 5th. dottie. >> the advantage for the americans was established on bubba watson's tee shot, 66 yards. easily able to reach the green in two. a relatively slow putt uphill for bubba watson. for webb simpson, who miss ed hs putt at and is 2nd. >> so, a chance for bubba and webb to grab a 1-up lead after poulter and rose had the advantage. >> and the only european rookie who was such a standout in yesterday afternoon's four ball with eight birdies and an eagle.
9:22 am
and the americans still have a chance for birdie to win the hole as we go back to the fifth. >> and it will be this putt for the u.s. open champion, webb simpson, for the americans to grab another lead. >> masters champ and u.s. open champ and you'd like a guy like webb simpson, that gets to play bubba's drives that are out there nine miles, you feel like king kong all of a sudden. >> well, this to give the united states the lead all of a sudden in all four matches. although it is early. >> important putt after missing at 2. >> par 5, sets up the winning birdie for the americans. again, all red all american
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flags on the board indicating they lead in all four. back to the par 3 2nd. >> and this was just a moment ago, dan. graeme mcdowell for his birdie. that putt should have gone to the left, but it hung out right, so europe in with a par 3. over to 3. >> jason dufner with a chance to win the hole here for the u.s. side. with this birdie putt. not to be. so par will be conceited, both teams making it par 4s at the 3rd. >> as it was on number 1, we've got jim furyk now with a relatively easy birdie putt to win the hole for the united states. >> not a lot of break to this
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one. we've seen mcdowell get off to a slow start. he looked a little tired to me yesterday late in the day. played a lot of golf, obviously, but has not gotten off to a good start. >> this was a rematch from yesterday's foursomes. mcilroy and mcdowell beat furyk and snedeker 1-up, so these guys are looking for a little bit of payback this morning. >> mcdowell's putt come from the other side of the hole. i think this one's pretty straight, actually. >> pulled it badly. very similar stroke on the last hole at firestone when he double bogeyed that hole. >> you can see them looking up at the blimp thinking well, there's a little left on that putt for par. sometimes, putts are conceded and sometimes, they make you putt them. it's all the strategy in this match play.
9:25 am
>> earlier as you saw the europeans looking up in the sky, look at the sky writer. do it for seve. >> looked like furyk read it before he hit it. >> so now, snedeker now for par and to have the hole. so the united states stays 1-up in that match. play just getting started here. second day of the ryder cup. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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back at the ryder cup 2012, medinah 2012, has undergone a number of renovations. last five years, some 1200 trees have been removed. last wind, 670. longest ever yardage. curtis tyrell and his staff have done a tremendous job at getting this course in shape after experiencing 50 days at 90 plus degree temperatures this summer and as you take a look at some
9:28 am
of the walkways that crisscross across the water, 40,000 strong again here for another ryder cup this saturday. over at the 5th par 5, shot just earlier by luke donald. phil mickelson over the green in two. a good look at birdie there. >> from 74 yards, right under the hole, nice shot. >> so now, we're live on the third shot for the americans. rog roger. >> chip shot from behind the green here that is quite quick. should move a little bit to his right. mickelson's mickelson's crept through the green here. >> you've seen in this relatively short time on the pga tour, keegan bradley go through
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this intense preshot routine. reached on another level here at the ryder cup. bradley called his play yesterday going 2-0 with mickelson, could have been the best day of my life. >> phil, i talked to phil and keegan, look at him flipping the club. he has just got so much energy. he's just pacing around like a cat. >> only the sixth ryder cup rookie to go 2-0 on day one under this current format. larry nelson did it in '79. olazabal, maggert, garcia and mahan did it four years ago. >> good pace, just didn't clear. >> to the side a little bit.

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